August 6th to November 27th

Museum Boat: August 6th to September 11th

Artist Paul Tetar van Elven (1823-1896) lived in a house on one of the main canals in Delft. The original spiral staircase up to the attic floor is still there, and when you climb it you go past a wall covered with dozens of very old Delft Blue tiles. The tiles depict children’s games, like hopscotch, skipping and swinging, but also marbles, knucklebones, cup and ball and battledore and shuttlecock. Never heard of these games? Then come to the Child’s Play exhibition! You can learn about all sorts of children’s games, past and present, and do lots of fun activities on the Museum Boat.


An exhibition for both young and old

The exhibition covers the history of the famous Delft Blue tiles, and also how they are made. Some of the games depicted on the tiles in Museum Paul Tetar van Elven are still played by children today, while others have gone out of fashion. Come and find out about old-fashioned children’s games, like knucklebones and cup and ball.


Activities for children

Until September 11th there is a special Museum Boat in the canal outside the museum, with free, supervised, activities for children. Here children can design their own tiles, play old-fashioned games and even make their own games. Please register inside the museum before going onto the boat!

After September 11th these activities will be continued inside the museum. If it is raining the activities will also be inside.


This exhibition is possible thanks to the generosity of those who sponsored us and lent objects to the museum: SHDJ Stichting Hulp aan Delftse Jongeren | J. E. Jurriaanse Stichting | Stichting De Gijselaar-Hintzenfonds | Muller Fonds | Fundatie van de Vrijvrouwe van Renswoude te Delft | Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie | Van Geenen Antiek | Archeologie Delft | Heinen Delfts Blauw | Royal Delft | Harlinger Aardewerk- & Tegelfabriek | Vis Architecten Den Haag.