Well dressed

until 25th May 2024

Among all the items collected by Paul Tetar van Elven there is one unexpected sub-category: a collection of women’s dresses, skirts and jackets from the 18th and 19th centuries. We don’t know how these items came to be in his collection. Paul Tetar was married twice – maybe the dresses belonged to his two wives, or were passed down by their family members. Or maybe Paul bought them himself as examples to use in his historical paintings. Or, did he buy them at the auction of the effects of his best friend, Alexander Bakker Korff, who died in 1882?

The costumes were last on display thirty years ago. High time, therefore, that these dresses come out of the wardrobe again! The exhibition also displays accessories, like fans and jewellery, and other textiles from the museum collection.


Workshops for children

"In Tetar's attic"

During school holidays you can get a taste of how it is to be an artist! From 2pm to 4pm there is a creative workshop in the fascinating attic at the Paul Tetar van Elven Museum.

Do you want to decorate the “Chocolate Girl”, that Paul Tetar copied from artist Liotard, or make a doll of Marietje the niece of Paul? Or you could even make a portait of Rembrandt – the choice is yours!

The finished work is, of course, yours to take home.

Cost - € 2.50


School visits

Teachers – come with your class to find out what life was like in the 19th century. Students up to 18 years have free entry to the museum. You can visit us independently, book a regular guided tour, or a special museum lesson. For all of these, you need to reserve beforehand.

There are many educational possibilities based around the house and its collection.

More information is available in our downloadable brochure (in Dutch). Or, contact us for a tailor-made programme.